Hacked! again!

I’m seriously considering dropping out of social media. My Facebook Account has been hacked again! Arrgh! With every hack I get an onslaught of texts and messages from my friends to tell me they received a friend request from me. I’m so appreciative since I might not know about it otherwise. But why does this keep happening?

I’m an author and I’m trying to build a platform that every agent and publisher tells me I need to have. I’m not that social media savvy so every time I think I’m making some progress on my platform, the hack shuts me down. Social media may be the wave of the future but it’s only serving to frustrate me on multiple levels making me want to swear off it for good.

I have a Twitter account that I look at sometimes. But I can’t turn off the tweets I get from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. I don’t really need to know what she has to say. And Savannah Guthrie. Now I like Savannah but after I watch her every morning on the Today show, I don’t need to talk to her any more for the day. All the rest of the people on my Twitter feed are not saying anything interesting either so that’s why I don’t check it very often. The Twitter followers aren’t reading my book.

On Instagram, I constantly get friend requests from men I don’t know. When I don’t respond, they usually send a nasty gram. Maybe they are the ones who out of spite hack into my FB account. I guess they think a 66 year old woman is hot. I doubt they are buying or reading my book either.

I have a lot of great friends from high school, college and workplaces on Facebook. I love keeping in touch with them. The aggravation of simply being on FB is driving me away. I don’t think a short sabbatical is going to improve my mindset when it comes to social media. I also don’t want to lose touch with all my dear friends that took so long to find again. I’m caught in a Catch -22. Damned if I do and damned if I don’t. Arggghhh.


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