American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

I haven’t written a book review in quite some time, opting instead for slices of life in the time of a pandemic. Not sure which you like reading about more but in the case of this particular book, American Dirt, I simply couldn’t not write about it.

Our country is divided these days on many fronts, and American Dirt, focuses on immigration and the migrants coming across the border with Mexico. For me, this is the most important book I will read this year.

Lydia has witnessed the murder of her entire family at the hands of a cartel. Everything she lived for is gone. Except for her son, Luca. Her fierce protection of him drives her to keep them both alive at all costs. The journey they now face to safety is far more than simply dangerous. Their lives will be forever changed no matter how the story ends.

Their journey to the United States is one that will keep the reader on the edge of her seat and the blood pounding through her veins. The things that are revealed on these pages with forever alter the way you view our immigration crises. American Dirt is a beautifully crafted story and one you won’t be able to put down or soon forget.