There’s a Hurricane Brewing So It Must Be My Birthday!

I never knew until I moved to Florida in 1980 that my birthday fell smack dab in the peak of hurricane season. Many a birthday celebration has been postponed and even called off completely so storm preparations could be done in time.

That is until the numbers of birthdays I’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate started getting larger and larger and larger. That’s the thing that fascinates me about passing time. The numbers between events such as birthdays, anniversaries and high school graduations grow exponentially larger with time even though they remain as vivid in my mind as the day they first occured.

No! I say! I was only born yesterday! Being stuck inside the house with only a carton of ice cream to comfort me, (Ice cream has to be eaten before it melts once the electricity goes off. Cake will keep until the ice cream is gone) I have plenty of time to ponder the blessings of my life. The thought however, of being able to collect social security is totally freaking me out and that alone will occupy my mind until the storm blows over.

Once the hurricane passes and the cleanup begins, I’ll forget I even had a birthday or even how old I am. But I’ll never forget the joy I have found in life no matter how large those number get or how hard the wind blows.

Happy Hurricane Birthday to me!