lessons in chemistry by bonnie garmus

It’s been a long time since I read a book that was so fresh and different from many of the other books hanging around on my Kindle. Lessons in Chemistry is that book.

Elizabeth Zott is a chemist and a woman. In the 1950’s and 1960’s women were only housewives and occasionally a schoolteacher or secretary, but never a chemist. Chemical reactions drove her approach to everything in life. When the men at the chemistry lab where she worked wanted her to get their coffee instead of reading her lab reports, she quit.

By a fluke, she meets a man working at the local television station who had a time slot to fill and thought she’d be perfect for a cooking show. Elizabeth is quite beautiful, another reason no man takes her seriously. Thus Supper at Six was born. She taught the housewives of America how to be better cooks using chemistry. She also taught them that they had the power to drive their own lives and do what they dreamed their life could be.

There is much more to Elizabeth’s story, her daughter, Mad and neighbor Harriet included. What a reader needs to know is that as unusual as these characters are, the social issues they are all forced to deal with are those that all of us can relate to on some personal level. They have ups and down just like all of us. While Elizabeth may initially seem stiff and unapproachable, by the time the book is finished you will be cheering for her. Girl power rules!


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