The clover girls by viola Shipman

This book was waiting to be read on my Kindle, along with another hundred plus books I keep on the ready just incase I run out. I thought I had queued up a different title and was 25% of the way into The Clover Girls before I thought something was amiss. All you Kindle readers will know that the Kindle doesn’t show the book title at the top of the page like in a print book. This is certainly not the first time I had to go back and check on a title. But it was the first time I was so totally confused by the story I was reading.

The Clover Girls is the story of four women who spent their summers together at a camp in Northern Michigan. Camp made them fast friends and a four leaf clover made them the Clover Girls Forever. As they become adults however, their lives go in different directions and they lose touch.

The camp closed and has fallen into disrepair. One of the Clover Girls, Emily, purchases the camp shortly before she dies. She stipulates a condition that the remaining Clover Girls must spend a week together at the camp before making a decision on what should happen to the property.

This is a story of the love and pain that goes with being friends at any age. It is also the struggle of women to find themselves and their purpose in life. And as The Clover Girls show us, that is not easy at any age.

The Clover Girls is funny and sad and uplifting even though a bit mushy gushy at times. Women at any stage of their lives may read this story and see parts of themselves and their relationships with friends and family. We can never take each other for granted or lose sight of the power of kindness.


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