This place of wonder by barbara o’neal

After hearing so many good things about this author, I took a chance on This Place of Wonder through my Kindle Unlimited account. This story is told through the eyes of three women all connected to one man, Augustus Beauvais, who has died. He is a well known chef and restauranteur.

Meadow is his ex wife. Their love connection by all accounts was spectacular. Maya is his daughter, who is left with plenty of baggage caused by her father. Norah is his most recent lover who is desperate to uncover Meadow’s secrets.

Secrets galore! They all have them. Meadow keeps her childhood close and is adamant that it is her story to tell, not anyone else’s. Maya came out of rehab when her father dies and every day is a struggle to stay sober. Norah is circling around, trying to stay undetectable, unable to relinquish Augustus’ charms.

I enjoyed this book about women all enraptured by one man. It is full of surprises to keep a reader guessing about the outcome. The one thing I’m not sure about is why the book is titled, This Place of Wonder. Some reviewers thought it meant life in general. While in the end, they all found a better place in life, their struggles were monumental and couldn’t be overcome in a day. To think they all were able to discard the baggage caused by their relationships and come to a place of wonder, is a stretch.

In any event, this is a story about women. It is a good story about the hands we are dealt through no fault of our own. It’s well worth the time to read it.


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