Where Have I Been??

I blew caution to the wind and set out into the world once again. I drove around the state of Michigan before landing in Ohio to visit, friends, family and sorority sisters. I had a blast! It felt so good to be out in the open again. I will say however, things out there have changed. Some for the better, some not.

I prefer no one cleaning my hotel room. Being a little bit of a germaphobe, I always hid my toothbrush from the housekeeper. Now I don’t have to. Being on a road trip, I usually would stop when nature called at the nearest McDonalds and grab something to eat while I was at it. No more. Only the drive in is open in most fast food restaurants due to lack of workers, which caused a lot of wasted vacation time just to find a restroom. Amazingly enough, however, I never had to open the carefully packed bag of masks I put in the car just in case. That changed the minute I came back home when the Delta variant raised its ugly head.

What I had plenty of time for on my well needed rest and relaxation was time to read. Even though yesterday I downloaded five new books on my Kindle, I only have 6 pages of titles to choose from. I read a lot! And it was heaven!

I’ve been busy enjoying life once again. I hope you have been too!


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