The Benefits of Random Reading

When I started my Clean Kindle Challenge I thought I’d be stuck reading a lot of long, dragged out titles that at one time I had high hopes of enjoying. Many times books sound interesting to me or I can get them for free so I download the book and there it sits because something more intriguing has come along that took precedent in my world of books.

What I’ve found so far however, is that I may not be that fickle when it comes to choosing a book that is worthy of my attention. A couple of my Facebook fans chose The Great Gatsby as my next read. I never read it before and thought I should, but more modern titles always won out. Well, I read it and I loved it and now I know why so many people do too.

My Facebook friends didn’t recognize any of the titles I randomly picked for them to choose from this week. I didn’t know any of them either. I selected The Dogs of Detroit by Brad Felver. It is an award winning collection of short stories that is absolutely amazing! I have trouble putting it down.

He is an Ohioan and I suspect I came across this book in a BGSU alumni newsletter. I also went to college at Bowling Green State University in northwestern Ohio. I look for and find books to read in all kinds of unusual places and never lock myself into a specific genre or author. There is so much to learn about the world around us between the covers of a book. And that is true for just about any book.

Based on what I’ve already found stored in my Kindle, I’m looking at the rest of my Clean Kindle Challenge with more anticipation than dread. See what books are hiding in the back of your Kindle or even tucked away, lost in a sea of books on your bookshelf. You just may find a hidden gem.


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