Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella

In my quest to read everything on my Kindle, I decided on something light this time. I’m trying to mix up my selections short and light interspersed with long and heavy. This title caught my eye since my Kindle addiction makes me a shopaholic of sorts.

Becky Bloomwood is quirky and kooky and loves to shop. She’s up to her ears in debt and still manages to hold down a job giving financial advice. While I don’t typically have much sympathy for women who mishandle their money, but as misguided as Becky is, she has a good heart. She’s a very likable character once you get to know her.

I had a dream the other night that I lost my notes cards listing all the clothes in my closet. One thing I’m not is a clothes horse and a skort and a polo shirt are about as complex an outfit I can put together. But something about Becky and her style rooted somewhere in my subconscious on the pages I read before going to sleep. That’s what books can do to you, find a spot in your memory and stay. On the other hand, clothes and their accessories change with each passing season. That’s why I love to read.

I much prefer my book-aholic obsession but I loved reading about someone else’s for a change. Four books down and 50 still to go. Join me in reading whatever kind of book suits your fancy and find some treasures hidden on your Kindle.


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