Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella

In my quest to read everything on my Kindle, I decided on something light this time. I’m trying to mix up my selections short and light interspersed with long and heavy. This title caught my eye since my Kindle addiction makes me a shopaholic of sorts.

Becky Bloomwood is quirky and kooky and loves to shop. She’s up to her ears in debt and still manages to hold down a job giving financial advice. While I don’t typically have much sympathy for women who mishandle their money, but as misguided as Becky is, she has a good heart. She’s a very likable character once you get to know her.

I had a dream the other night that I lost my notes cards listing all the clothes in my closet. One thing I’m not is a clothes horse and a skort and a polo shirt are about as complex an outfit I can put together. But something about Becky and her style rooted somewhere in my subconscious on the pages I read before going to sleep. That’s what books can do to you, find a spot in your memory and stay. On the other hand, clothes and their accessories change with each passing season. That’s why I love to read.

I much prefer my book-aholic obsession but I loved reading about someone else’s for a change. Four books down and 50 still to go. Join me in reading whatever kind of book suits your fancy and find some treasures hidden on your Kindle.

The Clean Kindle Challenge

Now that it’s July the year is half over. Thank God. Let’s pray that the second half has a happier ending than the first half. What we all need is a fresh start.

I decided a half new year resolution is in order. So much has happened since January I can’t even remember if I made any new year resolutions for 2020. If I did, they were very quickly thrown right out the window. I wanted to give my self a challenge, something I hadn’t tried before and the usual stuff like losing weight and exercising more were completely off the table.

One look at my Kindle before I went to bed last night and I knew what that challenge would be. Cleaning out my Kindle. My sister and I have an ongoing banter about the number of unread books I store on my Kindle. Her max is three. Mine… I counted 56 unread titles. Yikes!

I set my own ground rules. No time limit but I will read all the unread books currently on my Kindle. The only new books allowed to be downloaded are the monthly book club selection and any titles I currently have on hold at the library. They only allow 6 titles on hold at one time so once those 6 have been delivered, that’s it. And I am free to stop reading any book currently on my Kindle at any time if I really don’t like it. Keep in mind, I rarely give up on a book because I’m always hoping it will get better by the end.

The first book I picked from the list is Mine by Courtney Cole. I have no idea why I would have picked this title since it’s not a topic I’d usually go for. And I’m not really liking it. Two women fighting over a man during a hurricane. I say if he’s dragging two women along, they both need to dump him. He’s not worth fighting for. And hurricanes are for stuffing yourself with junk food so you can fall into a sugar induced coma until the storm passes.

If you find yourself with an overstuffed Kindle like me, join me in this challenge. I’m sure mixed in with the not so great reads will be some treasures. I will track my progress for you. Stay in touch! Today I start the countdown to a clean Kindle. Ready. Set. Go!

The Advent of a New Fashion Accessory

The year 2020 has brought us so many new things most of which we wish we’d never heard of. So far we’ve suffered through an impeachment trial, horrific wildfires in Australia and something near and dear to my heart, a never ending tax season. The thing that overshadows all of the others is Covid -19, which we lovingly know as the corona virus. Too pretty a name for such a nasty virus.

The other day I saw a guy on tv with a cool mask, red, white and blue with fireworks on it. I wanted one! And then I took a step back. Now I’m a firm believer in wearing a mask when I go out as annoying as that is but when did a mask move from being a life saver to a fashion accessory? I have a collection of masks already. I have the blue disposable kind, for when the fabric one is in the laundry. I have masks with elastic to go over my ears and I have masks with strings to tie around my head. The other day in the mail someone sent me a jersey knit mask with their logo printed on it. I thought jersey knit was unacceptable in terms of mask protection but I put it in the mask drawer anyway. Facebook advertises masks with books or flowers and who doesn’t love Mickey or Elsa or Goofy on their Disney mask? Every day I’m tempted to buy one, they are so cute.

A drawer in my dresser as well as the front seat of my car have been taken over by masks. And I find my self longing for more stylish styles and patterns. The corona virus has stopped us from enjoying life outside our homes. When I do get the chance to go outside, I wear my oldest t-shirt and shorts but I select the newest, freshest mask from my collection so everyone will know that behind the mask hides a real fashionista.

Wear a mask. The life you save may be your own, or your spouse, parent, child, friend, co-worker, or someone you don’t even know.