I’m Tired and Confused

I’m tired and confused and I bet you are too. Tired from doing what? That 4D puzzle of Washington DC on the dining room table is driving me nuts. Usually I can sit at a puzzle for hours on end until my back hurts from leaning over. This foamy second layer is a bear. And then I have put all the government buildings in place. The only two that are visibly recognizable are the Pentagon and the Washington Monument.

Tax season always wears me out and I usually look forward to getting fired on April 15th. This year, no such luck. Onward I go until July 15th. The plan is that when this pandemic is over I will have enough money saved to take one heck of a vacation to wherever my heart desires.

I went to Publix for some groceries. I hadn’t been out to the store in almost 3 weeks. Suddenly there is all this blue tape on the floor to mark off 6 feet distances and to tell me which way to go down an aisle. I, of course, fell into my old habits and took my usual path around the store. My grocery list was in order of position on that path so to optimize my time among the germs but not in the same order as the new blue arrows. More time in the germ pool made me glad I wore my mask.

The sub lady yelled at me for getting too close even though some people without masks stood on the wrong side of the tape, much closer to her than I. I yelled my order to her and she yelled back her questions. Shopping was suddenly not a pleasure. The sub finally made, I headed to the produce. How the heck am I supposed to pick tomatoes without touching them? The real clogging up happened on the dairy aisle way back in the corner. Everyone is out of milk and eggs and once they got their selection, they can’t get out of the way fast enough. I did a tango with a mask-less woman over the margarine. Did I put myself in danger?

This is the part I’m really confused about. The mask. I had mine on but so many people didn’t. Do they know something I don’t? Do they have antibodies and feel they are now free to roam the world un-masked? Or are they stupid and don’t care about the rest of us? Frankly I hate wearing a mask and I wonder how much longer we’ll have to do it if only half of us are taking the pandemic seriously. All this thinking about where to stand and which way to push my cart left me more than confused. I’m exhausted and now I know why. I’m confused.

Let’s Be Creative and Laugh! But Wash Your Undies First.

Today is Wednesday, my day off from tax preparation. This is the time in tax season where we all start to run out of gas while we dream of the day we get fired. Only this year that won’t be until July 15. All my summer excursion shave been cancelled so I might as well work.

I work from home so that’s a good thing for more than simply avoiding the coronavirus. When I just can’t bear to listen to another phone call about the difference between a standard deduction and itemizing, I can look at Facebook without the boss knowing.

Since laughter is the best medicine I clicked on the link that said “Make a Face Mask from Your Underwear”. See, you’re laughing already. Curious, I played it. So you stick your head through one of the legs then pull it up over your face. Then somehow you twist the rest of it at the back of your neck and pull the other leg over your head like a hat.

Just type that into You Tube and a plethora of instructional videos will pop up. You’ll see all shapes and sizes of panties, boxers and briefs saving humanity from the dreaded coronavirus. It might be worth a try. Just make sure you wash your undies first.