All is Well

I haven’t written in about a month. The start to 2020 has been good, bad and everything in between. It’s tax season to boot. So I’m working overtime, trying to housebreak a new puppy and the hardest of all, avoiding the dreaded coronavirus. All are zapping me of energy in their own special way.

Today is my day off so we started out this morning at Walmart. All of our prescriptions have been refilled! Yay! Scratch one thing off the list. We nabbed the last jar of grape jelly even though there is not a slice of bread in the store to spread it on. And we got Richard some new underwear, just in case we run out of toilet paper. I’d say that’s a good day.

Later today Pepper goes to the vet for another puppy shot. We’ll put him on the scale and see how much he’s grown. He’s almost sleeping through the night. He starts to fuss after five or six hours in his crate. I’ll take it since I can see a full night’s sleep in my not so distant future. This week he learned to jump on the sofa and how to find the wonders of magazines and books on the coffee table. Suddenly a whole new wonderful world has opened up for him.

At the end of a busy day I will do what I do every night before I get in bed. I say thank you to God and the Universe for all that I have, a nice home, good health, a loving husband, friends and neighbors, a warm puppy by my side. I know in my heart that all this fear and worry will pass. If we use this time to be kind and supportive to everyone around us, we will come out the other side in a happier and kinder community. And all will be well.

Be grateful. Be well my friends.


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