The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

The premise of this book, the degrading of women is repulsive to me. I never thought I’d read this novel but I too succumbed to the allure of Amazon Prime. I signed up to get a Fire Stick on the cheap for Black Friday and The Handmaid’s Tale Kindle version was now free. My convictions aren’t strong, I know.

The author has created a world where women are needed only for their ability to reproduce. Something apocalyptic has occurred and the reader is never told in any detail what that was only that this idea of women are worthless is the result of it.

What I have to say about this book is that it is superbly written. The author leads us around as if we were the handmaid, seeing the world just as she would, feeling her fear at every level of existence. I could not put this book down. Why? Because I could also feel the fire inside of these women knowing they were stronger, smarter, more sly than the men holding them captive. They were not going to remain down for long.

Here’s my advice. Don’t shy away from topics you’re afraid of. Dig into that bestselling book you’ve been shying away from. You might learn something new and find the strength inside to elevate yourself and those around you.


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