The Library Book by Susan Orlean

I have been telling absolutely everyone I know that they must read this book. Granted I hang out with a lot of librarians and bookworms like myself, but I loved this book. It is an eye opener in many ways.

In April of 1986 a fire started in the Central Library of Los Angeles and it took 7 hours for firefighters to put it out. The process of trying to save what was left, overwhelming. Searching for the arsonist was another impossible task on top of restoring and restocking an old historic building, the library itself.

We are taken through the history of the library system, and the changing role of the library in our communities, what is housed in one, and the job of librarians. The Library Book is full of quirky history of its guardians over the years and the changing wants and needs of its patrons.

If you love books as much as I do, you’ll be captivated by The Library Book. I certainly was.


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