Something In The Water by Catherine Steadman

I didn’t know this was a Reese Witherspoon book club pick. I usually like her choices. But this one. Meh.

Erin, a documentary film maker is head over heels in love with Mark, an investment banker. But when he suddenly loses his job, the wedding plans are scaled back at his insistence. But he can still manage a trip to Bora Bora at the Four Seasons for a honeymoon. They go scuba diving and as the title says, they find something in the water.

All I can say is that these characters were spineless and weak and if Erin said one more time how much she loved Mark even after he forced her to do things his way like she didn’t have a brain of her own, I was going to barf.

The psychological manipulation in this book will keep you turning the page but by the time you’re half way through, you’ll know how it’s going to end. And for me that doesn’t make a good mystery.


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