Cleaning Out My Kindle

My husband and I decided to do some spring cleaning disguised as summer cleaning. I have some hardbound books on my shelves that I just can’t part with but found a couple that I was able to cut the cord with and donated to the local library. We call this lightening the load.

Since I read mainly on my Kindle now, I have a habit of stockpiling books there too. When a new and exciting title downloads the ones I always think I’ll get to are pushed further down on the list. My sister can only keep about three books on her Kindle. She says when we were younger and my parents were divorcing and selling our big house in the suburbs, our mother told her she could only take three books from the shelf to the new apartment. The choice was tough. I have no such recollection so any book that looks interesting gets purchased and stored on my device without any childhood angst.

So the first book to be archived was Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin. I know some people will be appalled by that but I’m just not a Jane Austen fan. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo was next. I prefer the musical version. Third was The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes. I have no idea what this one is about but there were two copies, so one goes.

I stopped there. I can always retrieve Jane Austen on my Amazon account if I ever decide to dig in. But I couldn’t bare to part with the other 49 books. I’ll read them someday. Plus they don’t take up any room on the bookshelf.


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