A Day at the Library

Once I week I volunteer at my local library. Being at the library has shown me how important one is to the well being of our local communities. The services a library provides to the community allows all of us to learn more about the global world we live in. Since I have a love of books of all kinds, I want to do my part to make sure this resource survives in our digital world.

My volunteer assignments are not usually the most exciting tasks I’ve done in my life but I love exploring the stacks and coming across titles I’ve never seen before. Today my job was to pull uncirculated books from the shelves to make room for newer, more current titles.

First I pulled books from the World War II section. I’ve sworn off that topic for awhile because it’s usually very emotional. Then I moved on the cookbooks. I can’t cook so nothing peaked my interest there. Next came the animal books. When I pulled a book titled something about “how my rescue donkey saved my life”, I stopped for a minute.

I fully understand that the book I’ve written, A Bittersweet Goodnight, belongs in a slightly different genre than rescue donkeys. But if there’s a literary agent out there willing to take that book on, there has to be on for mine! My stack of rejection letters keeps growing and I’m frustrated by my lack of success. Where are you, my dream agent, ready and willing to help make A Bittersweet Goodnight a bestseller? You took a chance on a donkey. Please take a chance on me. I won’t kick or end up in the recycle pile. Or make you feel like an a**.


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